Public Engagement

Need to communicate your science with the wider public?



Want your message to be entertaining, informative, engaging and most of all memorable?

Then let us help you to grab the attention of the right audience with activities that are designed to meet your specific objectives.

We love nothing better than unleashing our creative juices! Over our 20 years of working in this field we’ve dreamed up all manner of initiatives including:

  • the UK’s first science pantomime which reached over 30,000 local school children
  • Fashioning Science – an exhibition communicating science through fashion
  • Liquid Science – science in a nightclub event
  • Kitchen chemistry competition, inspired by Heston Blumenthal
  • Sci-Screen – where science meets the big screen


We also regularly organise public lectures with famous faces and respected names in STEM who we work closely with to deliver inspirational content.

Next time you’re planning your public engagement activity, ask us to share our ideas on how to maximise your results – we’d love to get involved.