Science is climbing the walls


Science is climbing the walls

Did you know that science is literally climbing the walls of our office?

Our building is home to one of the UK’s tallest living walls. The vertical garden of ivies, seagrass, thyme, primulas, euphorbia and nesting boxes is perfect for a spot of lunchtime nature hunting.

In fact, this 27m-high living wall was one of the main reasons we decided to set up home at The Core, the first building on the 24-acre Science Central development in Newcastle.

As a science-based company, we loved the emphasis the whole site places on urban sustainability – right from its planted sedum roof to its rainwater harvesting.

We are often found round the back on the building studying the insects and small birds that are attracted by the towering wall of flora and fauna and watching the fascinating comings and goings at the bee ‘hotels’.

Next time you visit us be sure to ask for a tour!

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